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S & P incorrect, in March 2010, rating a negative outlook for the central bank, instead of stable

Standard & Poor's announced that due to "administrative errors" rating perspective NBR, directly coupled with Romania's rating was not changed from negative to stable in the latter by more than one year, the Agency has done so for the state.

Studies Sunday, January 19 2014 14:53:41

EBRD revised its growth forecast for Romania in 2011 to 1.8% from 1.1% in January

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) revised the growth forecast for Romania this year to 1.8% from 1.1% in January, saying that austerity measures will keep the budget deficit under control, but the economy will modest advance.

Work Saturday, January 18 2014 15:50:24

Lagarde appears to have the best chance at leadership IMF. Emerging markets fail to unite

French Finance Minister Christine Lagarde, seems to have the best chance to replace Dominique Strauss-Kahn conational the position of IMF Managing Director, as emerging countries fail to unite behind a candidate, send Bloomberg .

Studies Friday, January 17 2014 18:47:40

EXCLUSIVE: Government wants to impose a fee on first sale auto

Government discusses self levying the first sale of cars in the country before July 1, 2008, at a reduced rate of 30%, and return a difference of money already given by owners, but spread over several years, to avoid returning a total amount of 750 million euros.

Resources Tuesday, January 14 2014 17:12:31

Boagiu has signed 693 million for highway on Corridor IV

Transport Minister Anca Boagiu first five contracts signed Friday, the euro 692.68 million for the design and execution of highway segments on Pan-European Corridor IV, of the nine bid packages, while the other four to be completed within two weeks after being announced the outcome of appeals.

News Sunday, January 12 2014 22:09:42

National Guarantee Fund: Banks can submit new central bank lending rules for first house without protocol framework

A total of 11 banks are interested to participate in the first house in April, and may submit for approval by National Bank new lending rules without waiting for publication protocol framework, according to the National Credit Guarantee Fund for SMEs.

News Friday, January 10 2014 13:41:27

Boc warns builders Corridor IV: Proceedings of poor quality will be rejected

PM Emil Boc has asked manufacturers of highway segments on Pan-European Corridor IV to comply with "just" script execution and project quality requirements, warning them that work will not be accepted as valid standards of other EU members Europe.

Resources Wednesday, January 08 2014 21:39:11

Boagiu: Romania will take a few years 845 km of highway

Romania will have a few years, 845 kilometers of highway, 313 km from today, following investment of 5.17 billion euros, said on Friday Minister of Transport, Boagiu.

Studies Monday, January 06 2014 17:06:51

Enel: Romania should privatize all energy production, but needs competition

Authorities in Romania should any company or assets to privatize electricity production, but needs competition in this sector, said on Friday President Enel Romania, Luca D'Agnese, in a press.

Research Sunday, January 05 2014 12:42:43

Romania has the best economic outlook in Central and Eastern

Perception of financial analysts on the evolution of Romanian economy for six months improved slightly in May and remained the best in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), a survey institute ZEW.

Blog Friday, January 03 2014 18:53:15

More than half of Romanians spending goes on food, electricity, gas, fuel

Romania spends more than half of the monthly expenses for food, electricity, gas and other fuel bills, with by far the largest share of the EU, according to UniCredit analysis presented in Astana at a conference at the annual meeting of EBRD.

Research Wednesday, January 01 2014 13:10:10

Oil prices fell more than two dollars from dollar appreciation

Oil prices fell Friday with more than two dollars, the appreciation of the dollar and investor fears about global economic prospects and the euro area sovereign debt problem.

Studies Tuesday, December 31 2013 09:04:23

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